Our services are aimed for financial stability of the clients and take care of the decision making ability. The services we provide are:-
             a)      Statutory Audit under Companies Act, 2013 and as amended thereof
             b)      Statutory Audit under Societies & Trust Laws 
             c)       Tax Audit under Income Tax and other applicable laws
             d)      Internal Audits
             e)      Stock Audits
             f)       Compliance Audit under various Applicable laws

2. Financial and Accounting Services
We offer highly efficient accounting services which are provided by us for our clients. We also offer design, implementation and review of accounting manual.
             a)      Design, Implementation and review of Accounting System
             b)      Recording of Financial Transactions
             c)       Preparation of Financial Statements and Consolidation
             d)      Bank Accounts, Overdraft/Cash credit Account, Loans secured or unsecured Reconciliations
             e)      Book Keeping
             f)       Management of Sundry Receivables or Payables
             g)      Valuation of Shares

3. Income Tax Services
We provide Income tax services to individuals, small scale and medium scale businesses which are highly effective and efficient. Our range of services includes:-
              a)      Preparation of Income Tax Returns
              b)      Attending Income Tax Assessments
              c)       Consultancy in Taxation matters & Taxation planning
              d)      Transfer Pricing matters - TP Study, TP Reports and Assessments
              e)      TDS & Withholding tax compliance
              f)       Filing and attending Income Tax Appeals

4. Sales Tax Consultancy & VAT Matters Consultancy
We provide VAT matters consultancy to our clients which has become extremely vital in present day scenario. Our range of sales tax services includes:-
              a)      Sales Tax (VAT) Registration 
              b)      Filing of periodicals returns and forms
              c)       Sales Tax Assessments
              d)      Issue and prepare necessary forms
              e)      Sales Tax Appeals 

5. Service Tax Matters Consultancy
We offers service tax matters consultancy which are vital in the current scenario. Our range of services includes:-
              a)      Service Tax Registration
              b)      Filing of Service Tax Returns
              c)       Maintenance of records
              d)      Service Tax Assessments
              e)      Other matters relating to Service tax law

6. Company Law Matters Consultancy
Every company in India need to register with the registrar of companies and it is also necessary to comply with various statutory requirements. We offers company law matters consultancy to our clients.
              a)      Formation of company in India, viz, Private Limited, Public Limited, Limited Liability Partnership etc.
              b)      All matters related with Registrar of Companies & Company Law Board
              c)       Maintenance & compliance of Statutory Records 
              d)      Consultancy in above matters 

7. Business Process Outsourcing Services
We provide business process outsourcing services to many reputed Clients in Delhi NCR. We deal in providing book keeping for our clients. We carefully manage the work provided to us. Our experts are thorough with the pay roll processing and have good experience in preparing bank reconciliation statement.

8. Societies and Trust Consultancy
We are engaged in providing societies and trust consultancy to our clients. Our wide range of services includes:-
               a)      Formation of Society and Trust
               b)      Registration U/s 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act.
               c)       Registration under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)
               d)      Registration u/s 35AC of Income-tax Act. 
               e)      Consultancy in above matters.