Friday 8 April 2016


Question: Whether woman can be Karta of HUF HUKDFN???

There was no such reason for this question ever before why woman were deprived from being Karta of HUF. But as per recent judgment of Delhi High Court in case of Mrs. Sujata Sharma (Plantiff) vs Shri Manu Gupta (Defendant) dated 22.12.2015, woman can be a Karta of HUF.

Facts of the Case: The eldest daughter of the HUF family filed the suit against the cousin brother claiming her right to be Karta of HUF after the passing of her father and three uncles. The learned counsel of for the plaintiff further argued that when woman are equal in all respects in modern life as per 174th report of the Law Commission of India so, why they should be deprived from such right and privilege of managing HUF as their Karta. On the other hand Section 6 of Hindu Succession Act does not curtails the right of woman to be Karta of HUF.

Decision: The court finds no restriction in the law preventing the eldest female co - parcener of an HUF, from being Karta of HUF.

Article by Ms. Karishma Sharma